I can't lie to you about your chances, but...

You have my sympathies :)

The Slightly Silly Candidate
15 December 1985
London, United Kingdom
Interests: (68)
'allo 'allo!, 42, adhd, agnosticism, animals, anti-authority, anti-war, art, being a bitch, being elitist, being right, ben/polly, books, british comedy, cat macros, cats, conspiracy theories, daydreaming, depression, doctor who, doctor/master, doctor/romana, douglas adams, drawing, eleven/romana, elitist time lord pairings, fanfiction, faroese independence, fashion, feeling sorry for myself, feminism, flappers, folklore, germany, guilt, harry potter, history, house md, house/cuddy, ian/barbara, indie, insomnia, literature, mental illness, monty python, mystery science theater 3000, mythology, poetry, pro-choice, psychology, punk, queen elizabeth i, reading, rock, romana, ron/hermione, sarah/harry, science fiction, socialism, television, the beatles, the dresden dolls, the faroe islands, the tudors, traveling, weimar republic, wikipedia, writing

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